Management education adds values to the ones who are aspiring in the field of business or management. First, aspire to become a business leader.


We believe in providing a seamless transformation from aspiring student to an effective manager and to a business innovator through our facilitation of learning process.


Education does not stop at SMIBS. The transformation from a student to an innovator actually begins in your real actions and endeavor.


SMIBS is an institution founded from the passion of providing world-class, industry relevant management graduates who are capable of working through every scenario with a complete understanding of the context and its complexities.

We believe in shaping our graduates as industry ready individuals who come with the right understanding of management concepts, exposure to market realities combined with the appropriate comprehension, communication, analytical and attitudinal attributes. As a student of SMIBS you will encounter exciting learning experiences, high levels of challenges and an environment simulating corporate where you will be considered peers and responsible adults, which will help you sculpt yourself for the job market, ensuring a perfect career for you as you step up the corporate ladder